AirFlix Coaching Program

The AirFlix Coaching Program is a program designed to empower aspiring cabin crew candidates to practice interview questions so that they can pick up the necessary skills to communicate and impress their interviewer. A monthly subscription gives you access to customised feedback from Nidhi in our closed-group and you also get to see how other students answer the same questions in their own style.

How easy would interviews be, if you could practice answering the questions over and over again...with feedback to improve on?

The common misconception that people have when it comes to becoming good at something is that practice makes perfect. 

They say that doing something for over 10,000 hours is the way to become good at it.. 

But what if they do the wrong thing for over 10,000 hours...? 

Then they simply become an expert at doing the wrong thing!

What you really need to do to get success is to do the right thing - WITH FEEDBACK - from someone who already has achieved the success. 

For instance, if you want to practice answering interview questions on your own, or with your friends/family, sure do that. 

But if you get the wrong advice...and implement will only make things worse for you 

Instead, what you really need is insight from someone who has already been there and done that. 

Let me ask you this... 

Would you take investment advice from a friend who doesn't have a successful investment profile? 

Would you take parenting advice from a friend who isn't a parent and doesn't have any authority in that domain? 

Would you take academic advice from a friend who hasn't been able to score A's or help others score A's? 


Today, the entire world is giving out advice for free. Check YouTube, Check Instagram, Check Google. But the problem is this... 

They aren't exactly qualified to give out advice. 

I don't need a degree to give out advice. Anyone can give out advice because its FREE to give advice 

But the smart people are the ones who can think CRITICALLY. 

They look beyond the advice and check if the person really has achieved the results. If that person hasn't gotten any results...then why in the world would you take advice from them? 

I mean..its simple don't take life advice from a beggar or bankrupt... 



Practice that comes with GOOD FEEDBACK 

And the reason I'm sharing this with you is because I have launched a new initiative - for you to practice on yourself. 

If you want to get better at answering interview questions...and if you want my feedback so that you can improve your confidence and communication skills ...I have come up with an affordable solution for you.

We had already seen the trend pre-covid, with major international airlines like Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qatar Airways. And given the current situation, when the hiring begins that will continue to be the first line of assessment.

There are two main ways that video interviews are carried out - Live and Pre-Recorded.

In pre-recorded video interviews, which often replace the phone interview stage, candidates answer questions by recording themselves answering questions that pop up on the screen with in a stipulated time using tools like Sonru & HireVue.

On the other hand, live interviews via a video chat tool such as Skype & Zoom are conducted to recreate the traditional face-to-face interview format even before they choose to call the candidates for a face to face assessment.

PRACTICE & PREPARATION are key for successful video interviews.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to practice and build your confidence for video interview while you prepare to answer every possible interview question!

If you join this group...this is what I will be doing with you 

Step 1: Every week, I will ask 1 interview question 

Step 2: You will answer via video in the FB group 

Step 3: I will comment and give you feedback on your answers & body language 

BONUS: You get to see others who have answered that questions and learn from them too. It becomes like a VIDEO library of questions and answers... 

That's why we are calling this program the AirFlix program...where you answer questions weekly and learn from me and others. 

As the name will be like NetFlix... where you pay on a monthly basis to be a part of the program. Each month subscription gets you access to 4 questions, starting from the first question. 

Nada Hossam



  • Access to 4 interview questions
  • Customised feedback on your answer
  • Access to Library of questions & answers
  • Latest updates on Airline Industry Matters


  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • 1 free meeting room
  • Max 15 team members
  • Free Tea & Coffee