May 25, 2021

By  Nidhi Belani

In the past, some employers used telephone or phone interviews to screen candidates to narrow the pool of applicants who will be invited for in-person interviews but given the changing situation & social distancing being the new norm, you can expect all companies to  conduct phone interviews, along with video interviews, to evaluate candidates.

With first impressions being extremely important, let’s accept there are  a lot of challenges to deal with.

  1. You do not have visual cues to know how your interviewers  are responding to your answers as you can’t see them
  2. You are constantly worried to avoid awkward silence or not to interrupt your interviewers and still have a conversation
  3. You can only use your language of voice to impress the interviewer as they can’t see you and your body language

Watch the video as I share 5 tips in detail on how you can succeed in your next phone interview (2:57 min)

  1. Phone Interview is No Different from in-person interview.
  2. Get ready for the Golden Call
  3. Follow proper Phone Interview Etiquette
  4. Focus on the Non-Verbal even if they can’t see you
  5. Goal is to get to the Next Level in the Interview process

FAQ Sunday is a series where I answer all your questions that you have submitted on my website. We cover everything from Confidence to CV to Grooming To Personality to help you prepare for your dream job.

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Nidhi Belani

Hi! I am Nidhi Belani and I am an Interview Success Coach. I help candidates to ace their interviews through my coaching program so that they can secure their dream jobs.

As an ex-Cabin Crew from Singapore Airlines, I have acquired the necessary skills, strengths and knowledge that I would like to impart to the next generation as they look to secure their dream jobs. In my free time, I like to travel, read and do yoga.

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