How to Dress for Success – Best & Worst Colours To Wear In An Interview? 

 May 2, 2021

By  Nidhi Belani

If you’re preparing for an upcoming interview, apart from thinking about what to wear, you should put some thought into the colours of the clothing you plan to wear!

While the color of your shirt or jacket shouldn’t make a difference in whether or not you’re selected but colors have meaning and convey emotions and in turn allows the interviewers to develop a positive perception of you. 

First impressions are based on 3 factors

  1. VISUAL STATEMENT – What you wear and how you wear it.
  2. PSYCHOLOGICALLY STATEMENT – Your body language and how you hold yourself
  3. VERBAL STATEMENT – Not necessarily what you say, but the tone you say it in.

Hence it is so important to build rapport with your interviewers with the right choice of colours
Watch the video as I share

Why What You Wear Matters for your interview 

What Colors to Wear and what colours to avoid for your interview 

Some bonus tips on how you can wear the colours the right way to make the right impression  

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Nidhi Belani

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