Eye Contact Tips For Confident Communication 

 March 28, 2021

By  Nidhi Belani

Here is what some of you asked as part of my recent initiative “Ask Me Anything” on my website about making & maintaining confident eye contact in your interviews..

Is it okay to dart your eyes away from the interviewer occasionally or should I keep my eyes glued on to the interviewer?

We should continuously maintain eye contact with the interviewer ? Or we should maintain eye contact while speaking only?

Can impactful eye contact be an indicator for confidence level?

According to UCLA professor and researcher Albert Mehrabian, 55 percent of messages processed by the brain are based on a person’s body language. Since the visual sense is dominant for most people, eye contact is an especially important aspect of any interpersonal communication. It creates a bond that can be very beneficial specially in interviews. When you look someone in the eye, they are more likely to look at you, more likely to listen to you, and more likely to buy into your message. When you maintain eye contact in an interview you,

Exude Confidence

According to body language expert, trainer and consultant Susan Constantine, “If your eyes in an interview are fidgety or continuously shifting back and forth, this can mean you are trying to conjure up an answer that you are not sure is the right one.”

Exhibit Honesty

“If you’ve been making great eye contact the whole interview and suddenly start blinking rapidly — more than 70 blinks per minute — when asked a question, this can indicate stress and a desire to avoid the truth,” said Patti Wood, body language expert and author of “SNAP- Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma.”

Express Interest and Intent

“When a candidate is authentically interested in the conversation, there is a chemical released and the eyes dilate,” said Constantine. This sparkle, in turn, inspires the employer, letting her know your adrenaline is up and you are interested and engaged in what is being presented or expressed.

Watch the video as I share powerful tips that can help you make & maintain confident eye contact during your interviews. 

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