The future of job interviews for 2021 

 August 20, 2019

By  Nidhi Belani

Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing one key trend and I wanted to share this with you

​Job Interviews are being conducted virtually. People are connecting and getting jobs by interacting through the digital device.

​That means, if you were to apply for a cabin crew job…chances are high that you will be assigned a time slot for your interview online.

​So what does this mean for you? 

​Firstly, you need to ensure you are tech-savvy. Being the young generation, the Millennials & Gen Z, you should be able to navigate this pretty easily…but don’t be overconfident.

​Here are a few things you MUST ensure to set a great first impression – virtually

1) Strong Internet Connection

You can have the latest devices…but if your internet connection is wobbly…then you won’t be able to hear what the other side says. In other words..there might be a lag…or some words might get cut out. If you have a virtual interview scheduled…make sure you are in a place with strong wifi and zero distractions. You don’t want you dog or cat or annoying sibling to jump in front of the screen mid-interview.

​So be proactive. Plan ahead of time. Find a suitable location. Go to a friend’s place, or if possible, go to a cyber-cafe and book the quietest room. Yes, it might cost you a bit…but that’s nothing compared to what you will earn and enjoy as a Cabin Crew. Bottom Line: Make sure you are in a place with good wifi and zero distractions. 

​2) Appearance lies in the eye of the… camera lens. 

​Can you imagine…putting in all the hard work to look good for the interview…only to be faced with a botchy image when you do the interview online? No matter how well you do your makeup, or how well you groom yourself… if the camera you have for your virtual interview sucks…you will not be able to ace it. There are a few things you need to note

​Which device are you going to use for your interview?

​Is it going to be your phone?

Is it going to be your laptop?

Or perhaps a tablet?

​That depends on a few factors such as 

i) How long can your battery last? 

ii) How good is the camera? 

iii) Can you keep the camera at eye level? 

​Most often, people get tired of holding their phone camera and the camera angle gets lowered. So instead of looking at your chiseled jawline…they see your double chin. ughhh.. not the best way to make a good impression.

​If you are using a tablet or smartphone…make sure you invest in a stand and good lighting. Pro Tip: Stand at your window because natural light is the best during the daylight hours. If you are using a laptop, make sure you use thick books or shoeboxes to bring your laptop to eye level. 

​Bonus: Want to use your smartphone as your webcamera? Click here: https://www.kinoni.com/

​3) Ensure you have a good headphone and microphone

Lastly…make sure you have a good headphone and microphone on you. This is so that you can listen to every word they ask clearly and at the same time they can hear everything you say clearly. No matter how great your answer may be…if your headphone sucks…you might miss parts of the question

​If you microphone sucks…your listeners can’t figure out what in the world you are saying. You’ll end up looking like a monkey to them with all your hand gestures and incomprehensible words….and you don’t want that.

Bonus: Want to have crystal clear audio to minimise any background noise? Click here: https://krisp.ai/

4) Have a nice background

This is the last tip…and it’s a bonus tip. If you can, try to find a nice background in your own home. Something that reflects well upon you. Make sure the background doesn’t have people walking around…or isn’t picking up the sounds from your TV. It has to be well-lit, neat and tidy. If you can’t make that happen, buy a green screen background on Amazon and attach it to your chair. There are many options available on such online platforms. When you have a green screen, you can create virtual backgrounds to hide the mess and create a wonderful impression at the same time. 

Whatever I’ve shared with you here are really small things…that go a long way. If you want to be a cabin crew, you need to pay attention to detail. That’s how your interviewers will know that you are a professional. That’s what will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates…who just turn up for the interview without preparing these basic foundations. Get this right…and you will definitely leave a positive image for all your interviews.

And if you’re thinking…

“Yeaaaahh….I’ll prepare this once I get called for an interview…why bother doing all of this now..”

You’re making a huge mistake. 

These are the kind of small things that will slip your mind when you get called for an interview. You will be excited, nervous and frantic at that point in time. These opportunities come up suddenly…and if they hold the interview tomorrow…you might not have enough time to prepare all of the things I mentioned above. So get started on this right away and make sure you are interview-ready. 

All of these tips and feedback is personalised for you when you join our AirFlix Program. Do check it out

Wishing you all the best!

Vivek Iyyani

Co-Founder, Success Talks

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Nidhi Belani

Hi! I am Nidhi Belani and I am an Interview Success Coach. I help candidates to ace their interviews through my coaching program so that they can secure their dream jobs.

As an ex-Cabin Crew from Singapore Airlines, I have acquired the necessary skills, strengths and knowledge that I would like to impart to the next generation as they look to secure their dream jobs. In my free time, I like to travel, read and do yoga.

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