How can Introverts ace their Job Interview? 

 May 16, 2021

By  Nidhi Belani

Now we all know job interviews can be stressful for everyone, but do introverts face additional challenges? 

Is it true that interviewers tend to favor extroverts, who are often seen as out-going and are able to interact more comfortably?

Well even before we answer these questions let’s find out if you are introvert. Also even if you are not an introvert, do read this till the end and watch the video as I will share tips that can be valuable for your interview preparation.

When you hear the word introvert, you might think of someone whose shy and avoids all human interaction but if you are an introvert or have a close friend who has traits of an introvert, you would agree with the following.

Here are 5 signs to identify if someone has an INTROVERTED personality

  1. Unlike extroverts, introverts feel that their energy is drained when they are in social situations. However, that doesn’t mean that all introverts avoid social event, they tend to prefer the company of close friends. All introverts are not shy. 
  2. As an introvert, their idea of a good time is a quiet afternoon to enjoy interests. This does not mean that the average introvert wants to be alone all the time. They just need some me time to reflect and recharge.
  3. People certainly should not mistake an introvert’s reserve nature for timidity. They choose their words carefully and not waste time or energy on needless chit-chat.
  4. Introverts can feel overwhelmed when they have to spend time in activities or environments the whole day but they are very self aware and pick up by observing unlike extroverts who learn through trial and errors.
  5. Introverts are typically detail-oriented, creative, thoughtful, and work well both independently and collaboratively but at the same time they struggle when put on the spot or when need to engage in small talk.

Watch the video as I share tips on how you can knock the socks off your interviewer as an introvert!

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Nidhi Belani

Hi! I am Nidhi Belani and I am an Interview Success Coach. I help candidates to ace their interviews through my coaching program so that they can secure their dream jobs.

As an ex-Cabin Crew from Singapore Airlines, I have acquired the necessary skills, strengths and knowledge that I would like to impart to the next generation as they look to secure their dream jobs. In my free time, I like to travel, read and do yoga.

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