Is comparing yourself to others in an interview pulling you down or making you feel less confident? 

 February 21, 2021

By  Nidhi Belani

Here is what some of you shared as part of my recent initiative “Ask Me Anything” on my website about feeling confident in interviews.

“I prepared for all the topics but at the time of interview, I get nervous and loose my confidence. This is because so many candidates are there and they are so good in their appearance.”

“I have confidence and I am very sure that I will get selected but when I attend an interview, by watching a lot of crowd around me and when I see candidates are more beautiful and attractive than me, my confidence level goes down.”

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” 
I can’t help but agree. Oftentimes, seeing how you match up against others is a frustrating, discouraging, and simply unproductive use of your time. 
But let’s be honest, where there is competition, there is bound to be a comparison but should you be the one comparing yourself to others? 

Well Yes and No!

Now before we dive deep into the yes and no let us understand why do certain industries like airlines conduct interviews where they invite you to part of open day assessments where you are required to introduce yourself in front of other candidates instead of just performing 1-1 interview. 
Airlines want to know how potential flight attendants conduct themselves in front of a group. Flight attendants often must perform their job duties in front of hundreds of passengers, so group interview shed light on how well applicants communicate in a group setting. 

So there is no getting away from always performing whether it’s interviews or your job. And this is common for interviews for jobs in sales, law enforcement, and more as people in these industries have to deal with a high-pressure work environment or difficult or frustrated people frequently. 

Watch the video as I share my 5 steps proven process that can help you feel confident and deal with the peer competition the right way

  1. PREPARATION with the RIGHT Feedback
  2. KNOWING there is MORE RIGHT with you than wrong
  3. COMPARE yourself to SELF-ENHANCE rather than Self-Evaluate
  4. FEED your subconscious the POSITIVE thoughts
  5. Record your ACHIEVEMENTS & Focus on your KEY SKILLS

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Nidhi Belani

Hi! I am Nidhi Belani and I am an Interview Success Coach. I help candidates to ace their interviews through my coaching program so that they can secure their dream jobs.

As an ex-Cabin Crew from Singapore Airlines, I have acquired the necessary skills, strengths and knowledge that I would like to impart to the next generation as they look to secure their dream jobs. In my free time, I like to travel, read and do yoga.

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