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Rave reviews from our participants


The biggest takeaway for me was, I could know how to act and possess the video interview, and presented beautifully and confidently. Since I was always nervous talking in front of camera not just only that sometimes I catch myself blurted out and forget what to say because am not used to talk in front of camera. I tend more comfortable talking face to face coz am interacting personally and directly. So it become more intense for me and I can focus to showcase myself but on the video interview I always feeling unfocused because am seeing myself as a reflection so I want to practice more regarding this issue. 

Nasya Marin


Very informative session as well most valuable and helpful as well motivating to keep learning and preparing for the interviews in a right way and Nidhi Maam’s session are worth attending as it only encourages me to never give up on learning and growing. 10 /10 honestly all sessions I have been attending have only helped me in some part of the other and eagerly waiting for next session too any day would recommend Nidhi Maam’s session to all aspiring candidates who aim for becoming an cabin crew.

Aakash Pillai 


For me the biggest takeaway was being there on the session seeing you and talking to you for the very first time and afcourse the confidence and experiences which you shared. It was actually perfect that there were not too many people and you personally interacted with each one of us to know more about us. As u mentioned in the ppt there should be proper network connection, got that as a lesson why we should have an excellent connection while internet calling.

Reshma Shaikh


As I said, the session was amazing. It was my first time and words can't describe how thankful I am for the amazing webinar ... Information was there about video call interview tips and lots of things. So I felt pretty good after the session. Thanks Nidhi Mam.

Sweet Sahani


Nidhi you encourage and motivate others it was really helpful for my confidence. 

Well I feel your sharing is so worthy, there is no doubt because your teaching techniques, communication skills are so comfortable to understand and adaptable also

Meharin Shaikh


I found this session extremely informative and so therefore I don’t suggest improvement. I enjoyed how long the webinar was, it was interactive and I also enjoyed how we engaged with others participating on the call.

Rachel Murray

About the Author

Hi! I'm Nidhi Belani. I am the Founder of Success Talks & I coach individuals to excel in their interviews so that they can work at their dream jobs. As an ex-SIA Cabin Crew, I have over 10 years of experience in recruiting and training candidates for their dream job. I also have a YouTube channel that has over 25,000 subscribers and I share my insights there on a regular basis. In my free time, I like to travel, eat good food and hang out with friends.