Write your personalised CV that impresses recruiters/interviewers and for that, your CV must
"Dress to Impress"


Nidhi Belani here.

If being a Cabin Crew has been your childhood dream

If flying the high skies working 30,000 feet above ground level has been your dream job

If travelling, meeting new people, learning new skills has been something you've always enjoyed

Then you might be the best person for the cabin crew job IF you have a well-written CV

It doesn't matter how great your personality is

It doesn't matter what you've achieved in your student or working life

It doesn't matter how hardworking you are

You can have all of that but it won't matter

If you don't know how to communicate clearly through your CV

Because without a great CV, you don't get called for an interview

And without an interview, you can't get that dream job`

And that's why I've created this course

As an ex-cabin crew and trainer from Singapore Airlines, I know what international airlines are looking for in their cabin crew

Even if airlines might not be hiring now due to COVID-19, this is your time to catch up with the competition

Your first milestone in clearing your cabin crew interview, is to make sure you get called down for the interview

And for that, your CV must 'dress to impress'

In this course, I share the secrets that you can't find on my YouTube Channel so what are you waiting for?

Click BUY now and I'll see you on the other side

What you’ll learn

  • The secret sauce to make your CV stand out in the pile of thousands of CVs
  • How to leverage your unique background to impress your interviewers through your CV (without sacrificing what you stand for or changing your personality)
  • The simple way to organise your CV so that interviewers immediately know you are a good fit for the team
  • Discover the 3 unique tools to align your winning skills to the dream airline you are applying for
  • Specific words to include in each section instead of big and bombastic words that works against you
  • Implement the 9 powerful strategies to make your CV content impressive to the interviewer
  • Avoid the 5 critical mistakes to avoid that 98% of applicants make - which gets them rejected!
  • Harness the 4 smart tactics to make you stand out even if you don’t have relevant work experience
  • How to test your CV using a CV parser
  • How to self generate your Ready to Print, ATS Approved CV for any airline

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Must be able to speak and write in English

Who this course is for:

  • Freshers
  • Experienced Candidates
  • Aspiring Cabin Crew Individuals