Even if you lack the clarity, charisma and communication skills right now


  • You're frustrated, stressed and overworked with your current job and company

  • You've finished your studies and you are applying for jobs but you're not getting calls back

  • You know where your weaknesses are and you want to work on your resume and interview skills

  • You know investing in these skills is a lifetime skill to move up the corporate ladder

When you first started looking, you were optimistic about your job prospects.  

Since then, time has passed and you continue to send your resume into the ‘black hole’.

With no job offers…your confidence has taken a beating

You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?"

With the pandemic happening right now, the market is saturated with others just like you, looking for jobs.

And companies only have a few number of positions available at any given time.

That means, with every job you apply for, you’re facing some serious competition.

But once you know how to approach your job search the right way, you can outshine other job applicants and have employers PICK YOU as their #1 choice.

Introducing Our Dream Job Coaching Program

If you are struggling with low confidence, get stuck in answering difficult questions and feel lots of anxiety and stress thinking about your interview, this course is for you. 

Here’s What You’ll Get

When You Sign Up

Interview better than anyone else (you will be able to answer ANY interview question and turn your weaknesses into strengths). The Dream Job Intensive Program is an online course (with coaching for premium packages) designed for individuals like yourself looking to enter their dream company and get into their dream job. This comprehensive course is 12 hours, with over 7 modules and over 88 exercises to complete and numerous scripts and templates to help you get your dream job!

Course Modules

Here's what you will get from joining our program


Module 1: Goal Setting Secrets

  • Know what your goals are in life. This section will change your life. We will set incredible goals and what your resume WILL look like in 1 year. We will follow through and make these goals a reality within 1 year.

  • Internal Audit of your current skills and strengths so that you become more confident

  • Know what your career goals are through an optional goal setting workshop

  • Turn your perceived 'weakness' into strengths

  • Use technology to help you prepare for the interview.

  • Setting goals to get hired for your Dream Job so that you don't waste time doing the wrong thing

  • Creating a roadmap to achieve your ultimate goals so that you can measure your progress

  • Know what to do the morning of the interview (before the interview). You will have a thorough checklist ready and you will be more than ready for your interview!

Module 2: LinkedIn Secrets

  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters have an easier time finding your profile.

  • How to add much more depth to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Know how to add endorsements in the featured section which helps recruiters find you on LinkedIn and helps you with S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimisation).
  • Setting up your basic LinkedIn profile so that recruiters get impressed when they look you up (learn how to get more recruiters and employers to find you)

  • Understand the secrets of getting recruiters to find you via "groups." Recruiters, potential employers and potential customers will find you more easily if you are members of "groups"

  • How you can rank higher in Google search rankings.

  • Know when to follow up with contacts after a first meeting and the amazing and value added way to stay in touch.

  • Network to reach all of your professional, education and personal goals! Let's fill the gap between where we are now and where we want to be in 1 year!

  • Know what accomplishments to put on your resume. We will discuss how to list your top accomplishments on your resume. Plus there are definitely a few things that you have accomplished that you never thought of putting on your resume

  • How to embrace Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) the easy way. We will add more complexity to your LinkedIn profile as keywords help you rank higher in search rankings.
  • Know what you should remove that is written online (and negative of course) about you and how can we do this so recruiters don't see negative items when searching our names.

  • Know what should be included in LinkedIn recommendations (if possible). What should be in recommendations? Keywords please for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)!

  • Comprehend why to only take advice from successful people...and comment on their posts!
  • Learning how LinkedIn works so that you can grow your network exponentially

  • Connecting with key people to increase your connections so that you can get recommendations

  • How to create content that gets recruiters interested in your profile and invite you for interviews

Module 3: CV & Cover Letter Secrets

  • How to create an unbelievable cover letter. We will talk about how to make an incredibly passionate, simple and effective cover letter.

  • Build your personalized CV (using a format I have used successfully to get noticed by international airlines and get selected by SIA.

  • Understand what impactful words you should include on you resume. There are certain impactful words we must include on our resume. We will also talk about optimal job titles to use (if you started a club or work part time or if you don't have an official title).
  • Know exactly how to format your resume.
  • What to add into your CV to get noticed by recruiters amongst 1000 CVs

  • How to write your Cover Letter to explain gaps in your career without feeling anxious

  • How to arrange the data in a way that is easy to read and understand so that recruiters pick you

Module 4: Non-Verbal Communication Secrets

  • Understand how to have positive body language in your interviews and what can hurt your chances of getting hired.
  • Understand how to read the interviewer to tell if you are doing well in the interview.

  • The right ways to use your body language to display inner confidence

  • Understand how to think like the interviewer, which will increase your chances of getting hired (and know what answers they want to hear)
  • The right  ways to use your verbal intonations to help recruiters remember your answers

  • The different types of gestures and facial expressions to have during your interview to show recruiters you are the right person for this job

  • How to influence your recruiters to favour you subconsciously without them knowing ... by using your body language 

Module 5: Verbal Communication Secrets

  • How to structure your answers so that recruiters can remember your answer and be impressed by your communication skills 

  • Answer questions a certain way that helps you know what question the interviewer will ask you next!

  • Understand why relationships are always more important than product knowledge. You need to bond first with the interviewer and talk business later

  • Know what words to use and what words to never use

  • Answer any question you have no idea how to answer.

  • Know when to stop talking and avoiding "over selling."

  • Add structure to your answers and use frameworks that the interviewer will appreciate and understand.

  • Structure your delivery in an interview and understand how to use transition words and words that buy you time!

  • How to answer difficult questions that might make you go blank and stay calm even if you feel nervous

  • Understand how to interview with people at different seniority levels in a company. You can't approach all interviews the same way; it all depends on the rank of the person you are interviewing with

  • Understand how to answer very tough questions (so that the actual interview will be easy for you)

  • How to build rapport with interviewers by using our NLP strategies in order to impress and influence them

  • Know what questions to ask in the interviews (and when to ask). You need to ask questions in interviews based on the seniority of the person interviewing you. I will provide many examples.

  • Know what to do IMMEDIATELY after the interview. These post interview tips will help you increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Know when to decline a job offer, how to respond to a rejection which can help you a lot in the long run and why interviewing is an incredible way to network even if you don't get the job!


Module 6: Stress Management Secrets

  • How to use the different techniques to navigate any question you are thrown without blanking out or becoming anxious and screwing up

  • How to avoid comparing yourself with other better candidates so that you remain confident throughout the interview and others get nervous comparing themselves with you instead

  • How to use visualization and body language to make you stand out from your competition during the interview

  • Know from my work experience, why I have decided to hire and not to hire people after interviewing them.


Module 7: Grooming Secrets

  • How to understand your body shape and dress to impress

  • Know what to wear to an interview as every company is different. In the course I provide you with great resources to help you find out what to wear to the interview

  • How to create a great first impression by grooming from tip to toe

  • How to make your interviewers visualise how you will fit into that dream job with your grooming

What makes us different

We see our programs as a means to an end. You don't need coaching programs or courses. You need to get selected into your dream job. And we believe in supporting you in every way possible until you get that goal. Be a part of our family and you will be always be supported in one way or another until you get that dream job. That's why our clients love the work we do. You don't just join a course, you join our community. You become one of us. You become a crew. And we never leave our crew behind

About Nidhi Belani

Hi! I am Nidhi Belani and I am an Interview Success Coach. I help candidates to ace their interviews through my coaching program so that they can secure their dream jobs.  As an ex-Cabin Crew from Singapore Airlines, I have acquired the necessary skills, strengths and knowledge that I would like to impart to the next generation as they look to secure their dream jobs. In my free time, I like to travel, read and do yoga.

Your Investment

We have 2 offers: 

  1. Self Learning through our Online Course
  2. Personalized Coaching with Nidhi Belani & Team
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Money Back Promise

We want this investment in this course to be an absolute no-brainer for you. So, if you watch the video lessons, complete the homework assignments, and still don't find the course useful, drop us an email and we'll happily refund your full payment within 60 days of the start of the course.

However, please note that the money back guarantee only applies if you actually do the work and complete the assignments. If you don't do the work, you won't get any value from the course 


What are common questions about your course?

Provide some answers to common questions. Perhaps you want to tell answer how much time they need to dedicate to get through the course, or give them a support email to contact you if they have further questions. It doesn’t need to be questions you were actually asked, but rather the final few questions people may want answered before they are ready to buy.

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Provide some answers to common questions. Perhaps you want to tell answer how much time they need to dedicate to get through the course, or give them a support email to contact you if they have further questions. It doesn’t need to be questions you were actually asked, but rather the final few questions people may want answered before they are ready to buy.

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Provide some answers to common questions. Perhaps you want to tell answer how much time they need to dedicate to get through the course, or give them a support email to contact you if they have further questions. It doesn’t need to be questions you were actually asked, but rather the final few questions people may want answered before they are ready to buy.

Can You Put Example Questions Here? 

Provide some answers to common questions. Perhaps you want to tell answer how much time they need to dedicate to get through the course, or give them a support email to contact you if they have further questions. It doesn’t need to be questions you were actually asked, but rather the final few questions people may want answered before they are ready to buy.

*** Our Happy Clientele ***


Actually i mistook the timing and i have joined in the end but that was not bad I Loved the session in Overall. I Loved the way the Students were Impressed by their one to one interaction with Nidhi even i would like to have those classes and learn about me and correct myself.This topic is really important for me because i feel this one of my backlogs for my dream career

Vaishnavi Thota


The session was of utmost importance for the aspirants who want to become a cabin crew. It gave us a clear picture of what to expect in this pandemic scenario from the aviation industry. The biggest takeaway from this session was to work your asses off in order to get what you dream for. The session was great and I think the biggest achievement of the session was the interaction Nidhi was doing with everybody. The aviation topic is really important for me because I am really a passionate aspirant for becoming a cabin crew.



It's was very good ❤️ I have never taken any webinar before this This session is really helpful and thanks nidhi mam to provide us and all of you who gives Thier time to us thank you so much ❤️ The 7 secrets It's better Because i never heard these 7 secrets before i taken this session

Rishika tak


It was wonderful and informative also.... The way u discussed everything nd whatever u shared was very helping. I gathered lot of information by attending your session . Nd the way u suggested us to look forward toward our career was great. The most important thing i got from this session is the advice given by u, to utilise this time by gaining some experience and enhance our resume rather than sitting idle and waiting for interview opportunities.



It was really very informative ...and I m glad that I was able to attend the session ... Got a lot of knowledge and real guidance also... All the seven aspects which recruiters really find in the interviewee....and also the professionalism I got to know and learned through this session It was already very great ... Because this is what I really wanted to know in order to get into the interview and get selected.

Shreya Sinha


It was great thank u so much for all your tips❣🌸

Khadija rhaim


The session was fabulous for me and I have never ever attended this kind of webinar before. I have learnt so many things where I cann't get from others. Thank you so much MA'AM



Very useful. Everything I pick up so many things that I didn't know. Everything was perfect. Becauase I want to apply for Cabin Crew. That I'm not so confident and I'm not so pretty to become a Cabin Crew and my English is not so good.

Saida Rovčanin


It was awesome! I’m now a little bit more confident about speaking English! Much time!☺️ It can help me more about my fear to make mistake in speaking English!

Fabiola Fleurizard


It was very productive



It's always full of knowledge. Everytime I'm in the session I learn something or the other. Whatever was cover in the coaching i got a short revision for the same☺️ We will be starting the practice sessions soon! You are the best, you can actually make anyone feel better. Recruitment has started and of course I want to get selected by my dream airline.

Reshma Shaikh


It was very helpful as I am fresher I heard lot of things which are really helpful for the interview When mam asked the question which I never heard ...or prepared for, i.e tell me something which is not in cv Everything is good As I have never attended the interview I got to Learn so many things on which I have to work.



It was my first experience with Nidhi Ma'am and Vivek sir and really this is amazing webinar. How to handle with new People? How to talk with eye to eye ? Because it's gives more confident to talk to People confidently.

Ankita jagtap


Its was spectacular ...Appreciations for your efforts and this wonderfull webinar . Thanks for givung such a great opportunity. That we dont have to sit in silence we havr to work hard in silence...no matter what are the situations are happening all over the world , we dont have to loose hope and keep polishing yourself Was fantastic

Aanchal Chaurasia


Absolutely Informative! Learnt so much and safe to say, feel more confident too. Kudos to you guys for being such bubbly mentors! Practice! I realised practicing your way into the interview and going in prepared is a master move! It could have been a little longer! Haha, didn't want the session. Because it has been my DREAM to see myself in the cabin crew uniform and every session I invest in, will take me closer to my goal. Baby steps, as they call it! To get my CV shortlisted. Since I am a fresher. I am very sure of my communication skills but to reach to the Interview stage is all I want and I'm confident I can take it smoothly from there.

Muskan Sehgal


It was just amazing. I got to learn so many things and I love the excitement level of nidhi mam the way she was speaking. Thanks to vivek sir too. And I would like to join nidhi mam classes after this session. Thanks a lot for building up my confidence and giving me this much information😇 Confidence Everything was good Cause cabin crew is my dream job



This is the first time I attended Ms. Nidhi zoom training/coaching and to be honest it was very helpful. It was short , precise and direct. She and Sir Vivek managed to explained everything in simple words that everyone can understand. I will surely apply everything that they taught during the session when I will be given a chance to attean interview in Qatar Airways! My biggest takeaway from this session is learning about how I keep my composure all the time especially during the questions that they will throw at me during the interview and how I prove myself to the recruiters that I am a better version of myself now to be part of their prestige company. For me she did covered and explained everything in this topic. This topic is very important for me because it gave me an idea on how I prepared myself physically and emotionally.

Maria Jane A. Tingson


Session was very knowledgeable. Virtual interview tips Its perfect Because soon airline will going to hire

Vaishali singh


it was amazing all valuable tips everything was fine because its my goal to achieve cabin crew job



There was so much to learn and I absolutely liked and felt every bit of the information shared was worth and considerable. Learnt how there are changes in the interview process due to the pandemic and what all preparations to be done.

Shashank Ranguwar


Excellent ... Just need more session to sharp my skills ... Time fled during the session thank you so much for ur effortless time mam Confident is the key Keep it up all is fine I want to excel in one of the reputed airlines

Sunny Maurya


The session was really informative. Very helpful. Taken notes of many new informations that will help me ace my cabin crew interview. The webinar was perfect. Interaction was amazing. Being a cabin crew is my dream and the information that I got today will help me in long run.

Kanak Singh


It was really good. I learned some amazing tips for example like how to answer some questions which you are not prepared for. The biggest takeaway was that I learned the top 7 secrets and top 3 unavoidable mistakes. Honestly, everything was perfect. I liked how you didn't just gave information in time, but cared enough to review and advice each one of us. This topic is important for me because, receiving feedbacks then and there at the moment is really constructive.

Aliza Verma


It was so amazing and i learnt a lot from you . Your seccion was so use full I learnt how to work on my dreams in correct . There was nothing to complain. It was amazing I am teenager . I want to become a cabin crew. So i want work on my dreams

Jelin Joseph


Hello Nidhi! I am so glad to have found your channel. The session was amazing. I'm really looking forward to more webinars with you. It gave me the clarity I needed. I'd forever be grateful to you and your team❤ The session was really inspiring as before that all i could see was my career going down the tubes. The session gave me hope and it made me realize how I can make the best use of my time by preparing myself and gaining experience in relevant fields rather than just stressing out and sitting ideal doing nothing. Well, honestly I loved it. There's nothing that needs to be changed. Keep up the good work and continue inspiring us. As an aspiring cabin crew, this topic is important to me as it gives me the motivation and hope . Attending your webinar made me realize that instead of being negative about the current situation i ought to see it as a challenge and make the best use of my time. This topic is important to me to give me the right boost and motivation.

Michelle Fernandes


Amazing. I loved the practice I got to the question in your session: Whats your strength?

Saahil Khan


It was SUPERB!!!! It was the fact that i need to work towards my goal, actively! Maybe with the 7 main points, a slide for each point and the sub keys points to be added Because I hope to pass my Cabin Crew interview well!

Teshani Warusevitane


It was great session and I am surely looking forward for more sessions with you ma'am . The biggest takeaway was your pointing out the mistakes which I guess no one would have noticed but you did I guess you really are trustworthy and I am looking forward for your mails . Nothing to change just stay the way you are stay the way you conduct the session as it is much more relatable . I am from one of those who were waiting for the opportunity but now I won't be waiting and wasting my time I would be a bit proactive I guess I don't know how to express my self and I tend to make little little mistakes which normal people don't look or notice but interviewers do so thank you!

Chitra Sharma


It was very productive for me!

Mary moses


The season was so wonderful I start to understand about what I need to prepare for interview My CV, How to prepare before online interview Because help me prepare to be better when apply job and Answer question we never know coming up.

Bastiana puspitaningtyas


It was so helpful i really enjoyed and i would love to attend further webinars more in future that 7 secrets which were shared everything was amazing!

Riya Singh


A session was very amazing. We learn and enjoy the session and its was very inspirational and informative for me. I am very thankful to you nidhi ma'am for giving this wonderful opportunity. Thank you❤️ Its was that instead of siting at home, we will have to attend all the interviews. Yes, I had done better because I took some important decision that made the company within the project to feel proud. It is very important for me beacuse to become a cabin crew is my dream and and i think i'll become if i nourish my skills.

Prince sharma


It’s was a great live session, and I learned a lot today. Thank you so much for creating this live session. I learn to stay positive and never stop improving myself because I just graduated from a university, and I will utilize this time by finding a job. Everything was good. I really appreciate this live session.💓 I’ve never been to a cabin crew interview before, but I believe it’s good to know and learn from what you shared with us.

Arpawan Kitrajit


It was wonderful . Got to learn so many things specially the 7 tips which Nidhi Ma'am and Vivek Sir shared is valuable and will always be helpful in any kind of interview . How to analyse questions Technique to answer questions . Always have a calm & composed Attitude . To understand why the recruiter is asking you this question . Everything was perfect

Janvi Pujari


It was a very informative session. Got to hear alot of new things. Thankyou ma'am for conducting this session. Prepare every question infront of someone who can give a good feedback before the interview happens.

Deepak Singh Pawar


Very interesting , lot more knowledgeable All the tips especially practicing whY the question is asked and answer accordingly, confidence , and I loved the part where the coaches were answering and correcting everyone personally I think it was simple great! Thank you so much Because I want to reach the position of being a cabin crew so that I can prove myself whilst following my passion

Deeksha Vikas Adsule


It's was amazing I got to learn many valueable informations. Think like an interviewer



It's a lot to learn and also about how to build ourself in order to succeed. And also your YouTube videos are very helpful to many and decent information to learn .

K.sanjana sekhar


It was the great session, I learnt new things which I have never heard before. First of all I would like to thanking you for give your precious time to us. I learnt about communication and also how to prepare for the interview. Everything is just perfect Because it will help me to crack the interview and get my dream job with my confidence. I would like to suggest english communication.

Pooja Maurya


The session was really helpful... Actually more than helpful. We were able to get new information about the topic which we cannot find anywhere else or which nobody Each and everything mentioned in the webinar was a great lesson which will get us a long way into the success Everything was well organised This topic is very very important for me because becoming a cabin crew was my forever dream for which i've worked really hard to reach the airline standards. And webinars on this topic is like cherry on top of the cake.

Akshaya Sunil Dathu


It is very helpful. You always comeup with new techniques. Not to postpone preparation and waiting till the vacancies start. Being confident. How to build linkedin profile and search for people. How to be to an interview Everything is good I am going to learn something new that I don't know before.

Subhasri kalepu

Are you interested, or committed?

When it comes to improving your life, you are always making a choice. Is this going to be an investment in yourself, or an expense? Are you just interested in the idea of being a cabin crew..or are you fully committed to being one?

That is for you to decide. 

Choose wisely!